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At Haselmeier we are dedicated to meeting the self-injection needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers and patients. We combine experience and flexibility to develop injection devices meeting your specific requirements.

In 1920, Wilhelm Haselmeier was established as a medical device company in Stuttgart, Germany. Since that time, Haselmeier has continued to develop and create injection devices designed for patient comfort and ease-of-use.

Located in 5 countries on 3 continents, Haselmeier is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of pen injectors and other systems for self injection. Some of these systems feature Haselmeier’s hidden needle system which is designed to help patients overcome the fear of self-injection provide a more comfortable injection and help increase compliance of the patient’s medication.

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With a long history in device development, Haselmeier is able to offer various state-of-the-art product platforms with an integrated development approach, focusing on both, the quality of the device and the efficiency of manufacture and assembly.


Our capabilities include the design and development from concept to finished device using Haselmeier’s strong IP portfolio and tailoring of existing Haselmeier designs to meet customer and therapeutic needs. All designs undergo comprehensive testing. Three dimensional CAD designs are utilized for creation of customer specific concepts or customization of existing designs.